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Cameron and Pam leading their BIG RIDE at ICI/PRO

Hey John,
As the Olympics have started - I wondered if you could remind me of some of the class profiles that ICI/Pro has published that involve participation from the class as a group ; ie. friendly competition? I am pretty sure there was at least one post like that - I just can't seem to recall the title.
Thanks again. ICI Pro has been a great resource for me.
Thanks Barb - Yes, we do indeed have just such a ride 🙂

Created by Stages Indoor Cycling Master Trainers; Cameron Chinatti and Pam Benchley, Saturday with Stages BIG RIDE is a team focused class and a big hit at our our last ICI/PRO conference in 2011. Wouldn't it be cool if we could do this again?

At the time of this conference, the FreeMotion Indoor Cycles were brand new - we were so honored to have them as a sponsor of this event. In retrospect, watching this video now two years later, it's easy to see why Cameron and co. have become such an important players in our industry!

The film crew from Cycling Fusion shot this video during the event. Unfortunately our license to display this video ended a while back - so we haven't had it available. Barb's email prompted me to ask Gene Nacey and he's letting us display this video profile yet again 🙂

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Cameron and I also recorded a companion Audio PROfile to go along with this video + a pdf you can download and print out. I'm re-publishing it so it will trigger the auto-email announcement 🙂

Here”™s the class PROfile printout for Saturday with Stages Big Ride

Enjoy! [/!private]

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