Adding BPM to iTunes

John is it possible to add the BPM to all the songs in my iTunes library? The short answer for most of us is yes, with the exception of any tracks you purchased directly from iTunes back when much of their music carried DRM - Digital Rights Management.  What follows is a complete video tutorial for adding the BPM to unprotected tracks in your iTunes music library.

While not being a huge fan of Auto BPM counters,* I do agree that having a number of methods of sorting your music in iTunes can be helpful and will help you become more efficient at creating cadence based playlists.

*I encourage Instructors to actually sample tracks using a Tap to the Beat counter, rather than depending on a software program to show the BPM of a track. Just because a song is listed at 150 BPM doesn't mean it will communicate a tempo that you can use to set your cadence at 75 RPM. Info about the Tap to the Beat counter can be found here.

MixMeister offers a simple and easy to use BPM Analyzer you can download for free here for both PC and Macs. Download and install it now. What's typical missing form any MixMeister product is a full explanation of how to use their software... and that's where I can help 🙂

Next watch this short video to learn how to add BPM to your iTunes library.



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