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It seems I made a few enemies on Wednesday. I subbed a "Housewives" 9:30 am class that had a bunch of talkers in it. I'm not too tolerant of people disrupting my class. So I told asked them to please save their conversations until after class. As it turns out, a regular of mine overheard a conversation the following day, between the scheduled Instructor and a few of the participants. Though you might enjoy seeing his email to Amy describing the exchange...

John Macgowan is on the unofficial Eden Prairie Housewives "hit list".  You may want to let him know to keep a low profile and wear a disguise if going out and about in EP.

Thursday morning during his spin class he mentioned that he subbed for XXXX at 9:30 Wednesday.  I had scheduled interviews with some candidates for a job and used the restaurant at LTF (Life Time Fitness where I teach) this morning.

Had a two hour break so was able to go to XXXX's 9:30 and those housewives were giving XXXX hell because "the sub instructor" (John) worked them too hard and (here is the best part) seemed annoyed because they wanted to carry on conversations during the class.

I personally have complained to XXXX multiple times about the nonstop talking in her class and went so far as to call XXXX (Dept Head) about it.  I held my tongue for as long as I could this morning, then I let those housewives have it.

You (Amy), Adam and John run organized classes, XXXX's tends to be a yard sale, but she is a really strong instructor.  This morning I proceeded to say something along the lines of if you want social hour go upstairs and have it there and don't criticize the instructor for properly managing a class.

I also referred to the loudest and most annoying lady in the class as a manatee who should be more focused on the workout and less on annoying the entire class.  Needless to say, I probably need a disguise now as well.

Kind of made my day to hear John overwhelmed them. Hope you all are well. Happy Friday!! See you tomorrow.

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