Jim Karanas - a true artist of Indoor Cycling Education.

Stuff like Jim Karanas' death is really hard for me. I felt compelled to write something, a eulogy of sorts that would express my feelings about Jim. My appreciation of him as a person, my respect for him as a fitness professional and my admiration for him as an artist. He really was an artist. The articles and Podcasts we've published here easily demonstrate his incredible passion for fitness and skill at communicating what he knew with others.

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to come up with the words to put in this post, that expressed how I felt about all of this - unsuccessfully. This morning I woke up frustrated that I still couldn't form the words that accurately conveyed how I felt.

I think best when I'm aerobic. So this morning I went out for a ride. Nothing intense. Spent most of the time enjoying the morning JRA (Just Riding Along). Not sure where I was exactly, but I began to understand my confused feelings... starting with;

I  was really upset that Jim and I had kept rescheduling a phone call for over a month.

Now we'll never connect. I was frustrated with myself that I hadn't pushed Jim harder to connect with me. Too easy to accept that he was too busy or out of town to connect. But then it wasn't ever about me - Jim's focus was on the business needs of Team ICG - The Indoor Cycling Group of North America.

In December of 2011 Jim and Team ICG became sponsors of ICI/PRO. Their goal was to introduce our readers and listeners to their brand of Indoor Cycling education and promote the new MYRIDE+ virtual ride system. As I rode along I realized that Jim being too busy to return my call was a good thing - they had achieved some of what they intended when they signed on 🙂

Having sorted out my initial anger, a song came to me; Ian Hunter — Michael Picasso which was Ian Hunter's very moving tribute to his friend/guitarist Mick Ronson after his death from cancer in 1993.

Mick was a true artist. IMO (and many other's), without Mick Ronson's arrangements and guitar work, no one would know the name David Bowie today. Mick's early work on Bowie's breakthrough album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars established Bowie as a superstar. Bowie rewarded Mick and the rest of band by publicly firing them all at the height of the band's popularity.

Like Mick Ronson, Jim Karanas was a passionate artist who worked tirelessly for others. I felt it fitting to apply the same nickname to Jim, that Ian Hunter had given to his friend.

Jim Picasso 

I'll let Mr. Hunter communicate the rest...

P.S. I'm also upset that I can't find a picture of me with Jim. If you happen to have one, I'd really appreciate you sending it to john@indoorcycleinstructor.com


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