spinner bike fire sale

Hope you didn't just purchase a studio full of Spinner Blade Ions® at the regular price and then paid for Instructor training 🙁


I'd been hearing some rumors about Mad Dogg Athletics ending their long partnership* with manufacturer Star Trac. And then yesterday I received this email above, that frankly, looked to me like a "Going out of business!" fire sale.

Well today it is official... Precor will be the new manufacturer of Spinner® Indoor Cycles.


I traded some emails yesterday with Justin Kleber who's the Product Manager for group cycling for Core Health and Fitness.

Hi John,
Here's what I can tell you.  Our contract terminated in June and we have chosen not to renew the agreement.  They have been great partners but we've agreed to pursue new opportunities and are winding down our relationship with them.  More details will be coming in the next few months.
And I will make sure I keep you updated on all new developments.  I'm the Product Manager for group cycling for Core Health and Fitness.  That includes Schwinn Cycling and the new Star Trac bikes.  I'm your go to guy for everything cycling within Core Health and Fitness.

Did you catch that bit about the new Star Trac bikes? Justin wasn't at liberty to give me any additional details, so we'll have to see exactly what will be "new" about these Indoor Cycles.

It's my understanding that certain design elements of the Spinner Blade Ion were based on being different from the Schwinn AC Performance. IMO it was a mistake to continue with the friction resistance system vs. Magnetic and don't get me started on weird feel of a tensioned belts vs. the bicycle like feel of the Gates Carbon found on the AC and new Stages SC3.

My question is; If Star Trac will continue to offer rebranded versions of the PRO/NXT/Ion do we really need another brand of Indoor Cycle from Precor that will be the new Spinners®?

Stay tuned.

*NOTE: I have no knowledge of who left whom.


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