Teach Fitness Vacation in Jaimaica

I know it's summer. I also know that this warm, beautiful weather is going to end long before I'm ready. When it does I'll want to escape to a warm beach, even if only for a week. Past experience tells me that there are limited opportunities to travel where Amy and I can teach fitness, in exchange for an all-inclusive vacation at a resort in the Caribbean.

This morning, Amy and I booked our week in the sun! We're traveling the week of December 7th - 14th and we'll be teaching at the Secrets St James resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica 🙂

We were there a few years ago. This resort is awesome and only a 15 minute cab ride (on the wrong side of the road) from MBJ - the Montego Bay, Jamaica airport. Here's a short video we made explaining what happens when no one shows up for your class - which is not uncommon and is nothing to be concerned about.

Teaching opportunities at Secrets are for Group Fitness and Mind Body certified Instructors = this will be an easy week for me as I'm neither. But I will help out. Many resorts schedule an early AM fitness walk, which I'll do, so Amy can sleep in.

Amy's teaching schedule will include a couple of Pilates classes each day. That's it, unless we work a trade with the other Instructor to cover each other's their classes one day, so we both have a full day off to explore Jamaica if we choose.

The company that makes these trips possible is FitBodiesInc. Amy and I have traveled with them for close to 20 years (has it really been that long?) and we have always enjoyed working with their president Suzelle Snowden. Suzelle was actually my very first guest on the Podcast and we have encouraged hundreds of other instructors over the years to take advantage of these very low cost vacations.

Suzelle and I recorded an interview back in 2009 that explains everything and how they added a few resorts where you can teach if you're not a Group Fitness/Mind Body Instructor - you're only certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor.

You can learn more about the details here or create a free profile so you can check availability at the 60 participating resorts in Jamaica, Mexico and other exotic locations in the Caribbean.



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