Amy makes her TV Debut this afternoon on ShopNBC! She starts her new role as the product spokesperson for Bay Area facial cosmetic surgeon, Stanley Jacobs M.D.

And get this... Dr. Jacobs offered her the position after first meeting Amy and taking her Indoor Cycling Class at CycleQuest Studio, which is just a few blocks away from the ShopNBC production studios 🙂


I'll let her tell the whole story, but what happened is this. Dr. Jacobs was here in Minneapolis to promote his Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum, appearing on a number of live segments shown on ShopNBC throughout the day. With a number of hours in between segments, he came to my Monday noon class at CycleQuest - except I wasn't there. Amy was subbing for me that day.

I can easily imagine what happened next...

Amy did, what Amy normally does, which leads to a whole lot of people leaving her class feeling celebrated and valued.

This really ties into Dr. Shannon's article about being grateful:

They may be miles away, and not even know that you are there.  They may find their way to your class, or maybe they will not.  Regardless, YOU will be there with your best performance when they do!  They need YOU to show up! Why?

Because you are one who is celebrated.  You are the one they have literally been dying to meet because you celebrate people (this includes YOU).  And they know that if they can just get near you, they too will feel significant.

So you may be thinking, “Yeah, right…if I were a celebrity…it would be easy to have a packed class every week, but I am NOT!”

If you go back to the definition of celebrity, you will see that in fact, you can be. Celebrate you and you will be celebrated.  Celebrate others and they will celebrate you!

So go out and teach some great classes this week... you never know who'll be there 🙂

And if you're one of the approximately 75 million cable and satellite households that have ShopNBC, Amy is scheduled to appear in the 5:00 and 6:00 hours - Central Time.

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