We are very excited to have Keiser Master Instructor Karen Lanman as a presenter at the conference this year. Karen will be presenting two sessions that you can look forward to:
Powered Up:
Are you ready to power up your indoor cycling classes? By understanding how to utilize power measurements in your class, you can help your students understand how hard they should be working and when. In this class you will experience drills specifically designed to be used with power. You can then incorporate these ideas by instructing your students to use speed, resistance and intensity to power-up your next indoor cycling class.

Geared Up:
This action-packed class will utilize numerous cycle training techniques taken straight off the road and into your classroom. Ride away with a stronger understanding and how-to application of cycling elements such as time trialing, drafting, pedal stroke and more. Connect your cycling experience to the world of outdoor cycling, bringing your indoor cycling experience to a whole new level.
You can register for the conference here.

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