Christine Hawthorne

Our mission here at ICI/PRO, is to act as a platform to elevate talented people in a way that benefits both them and our members.

We have a number* of new contributors climbing on and joining the ICI/PRO team this Fall.

Let's start by introducing you to Instructor Christine Hawthorne!

I met Chris Chrispins over at Pedal-On... or better put, I discovered Chris by followed a link to her and then proceeded to steal a bunch of her music suggestions and use them in my classes 🙂

Pretty soon I was trading emails with Chris and then had the privileged to talk with her about the possibility of joining our team. Beyond Instructing she's a Kindergarten teacher, wife and mother of two boys!

There's a real magic to organizing music in a way that will communicate your passion, while engaging your students. If you are on Spotify you can experience Chris' talents - and understand why I'm so excited to have her on board.

ICI/PRO members can look forward to Chris' first post this week about her earlier experiences with using the Spotify Premium version with her iPhone App.

*Legend to John speak: I tend to use; "a couple" when I mean  two, "a few" to describe 3 and "a number" when there's four or more.


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