My new VeloVie Instructor Bicycle
My new Carbon Fiber VeloVie 300 Vitesse was delivered yesterday! Now if the weather would improve and melt all of this dang snow, I could actually get out and ride it.

I purchased my new Instructor Bike (I give everything a nick-name... our Trek Tandem is called The Bus) through our new ICI/PRO Purchase Program - members get access to heavily discounted pricing from VeloVie - kind of like what they offer to their sponsored Pro Cycling Teams.

My bathroom scale says my new Instructor Bike weighs 14.6 lbs. I'm not sharing what the bathroom scale displayed for the weight of the Instructor...

I took a bunch of pictures while I un-boxed it, to share so you see how it's shipped and how easy it was to assemble using a multi-tool. My next stop will be March 24th @ 4:00 for a 2 hour fitting with Chris Balser - the Bicycle Fit Guru.

Here at last!


Everything was well packaged.


Reynolds Attack Carbon Wheels - they feel like they weigh about half what my old Mavic Carbone wheels did.


First look


FSA Carbon Seat Post / set-back per Chris Balser's instructions. Excited to try this selle italia saddle.


This bag has a few little bits


What's inside


Part of the padding was this t-shirt


All the packing removed


Be sure to save all the packing - You have 12 days to return this for a full refund.


Attach the rear derailleur to the hanger.


Handel bars are next


Then the seat post


Front wheel - the skewer lock goes on the RH side so you can squeeze the front brake lever with your right hand to center the wheel and tighten the skewer with your left hand. Those pretty blue brake pads are specifically for carbon rims 🙂


I installed the rear wheel and found I hadn't attached the rear derailleur correctly. That floating cam holds the derailleur in the proper position.


Add some LOOK pedals and my Instructor Bike is ready for the road... well once I've been fitted properly she'll be ready. If it gets over 35 degrees Saturday, I might just get things adjusted close and go for a short ride around the neighborhood.


14.6 lbs - I'm not sure how accurate my bathroom scale is but it sure feels light.

See the details of the ICI/PRO VeloVie Bicycle Purchase Program.


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