I had forgotten how challenging it is to teach a completely naked Indoor Cycling class!

I'm in Jamaica with Amy this week, teaching at Couples Tower Isle on a working fitness vacation. Jamaica is well know for sun, rum, Red Stripe beer, the clear blue ocean and a very carefree lifestyle. Jamaicans use the word Irie to describe the constant state of bliss you experience on this beautiful island.

My week-long teaching gig has me scheduled for two classes a day; 9:00am and 5:00pm and that presents a unique set of challenges for me:

  • NO TECHNOLOGY -  beyond a somewhat weak sound system, I've got nothing additional to work with here; no video, power meters, cadence... nothing.
  • NO BLUETOOTH - I had no idea how dependent I had become on the Bluetooth receiver I use with my iPhone.
  • NO REGULARS -  Each class had a least one guest who had never experienced an indoor class.
  • NO BIKE SHORTS - My classes typically involve a lot of Saddle Endurance. I needed to modify and give everyone plenty of time off the seat as no one (but me) had anything remotely resembling padded shorts.

It's actually been very refreshing to teach like we all did 10 years ago 🙂 Once I accepted the limitations I was working with, I went back to the basics of; terrain, cadence, intensity and imagery and we had a great time each class.

And yes, everyone was wearing clothes - what were you thinking I meant by naked?

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