The Jersey is awake, but I'm not @ 7:00am

I want you to meet Moxie Cycling Co., a cycling apparel company made by and for women with moxie. Here's a link to their Facebook page.

Moxie is founded by Brooke Freiborg and Deb Amorde, two hard working entrepreneurs here in Minnesota who have designed performance cycling apparel that meets the unique needs of women.

Brooke and Deb have seen great success with their new jerseys and with the weather turning cold, they”™re eager to introduce them to Indoor Cyclists. These smart women recognize that most all the major apparel brands offer a special Instructor Discount Program. So, beginning November 14th Moxie Cycling will be offering PRO members a special 40% discount on their fabulous line of cycling apparel.

I wore my cute diamond jersey for the very first time to my 715 am class this morning.  Guess what?  My class was awake!!!  Upon entering the studio, three women immediately commented on how cute my "shirt" was.  They REALLY loved it when they found out it was a cycling jersey.  Four more women after class also commented on how much they liked it.  (Could this also be a commentary on the boredom level of my current workout wardrobe?)  I then taught my Barbell Strength class and had to give the Moxie information to a participant going on a bike trip next weekend!

Here's the great thing: to kick things off, Brooke and Deb at Moxie Cycling Co. would like some feedback from five ICI/PRO members (sorry guys- we have been buying scaled down men's jerseys long enough!) who would be willing to teach 3-4 classes and submit a good picture of you wearing your free Moxie Cycling Co. jersey. We are also asking that you participate in a recorded focus group call with me, Brooke and Deb mid-November over Skype. Because of the difficulty coordinating a call over widely spaced time zones we can only accept testers in North America.

Sound good? If you would like to participate please leave a comment below. We will then contact you by email for your shipping info.

moxie cycling jerseys for women

Cute and functional - don't you think?

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