Completion screen

Completion screen

Best I can tell, the majority of visitors here are iPhone users. Apple recently released a major update to the software that powers your iPhone; IOS 7.0

Word of caution. The update process takes a long time - like hours for some. I'm not sure how long mine took. One of my kids warned me, so I left it alone for a few hours and came back to the friendly "Hello" screen that rotates through a bunch of languages.

I'm not sure if I like the design. It's probably the change thing, that's keeping me from being very excited about it.

Apple's saying there's over a hundred improvements? The one improvement I am excited about is the adoption of the new Dynamic Type feature that will adjust the Text Size automatically in Apps that support this functionality. I updated Spotify and they still have those tiny numbers for the track length timer 🙁

Hopefully that will change in the future?



What have you found?

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