Spinner bike with power from Spinning

And then there were three ...

I was alerted to a picture of the new Spinner® Indoor Cycle (it's not a bike) with power in the WSSC catalog. No other information is included but I see that Mark Tickner has sessions scheduled called Introduction to Power and Riding With Ultimate Power. I'm sending an email to Mark to see if he will divulge any additional information.

Based on what appears to be a conventional steel flywheel shown in this picture, I'm going to guess that the new Spinner® with power does not use Magnetic Resistance like the Schwinn AC Performance and Keiser M3. Eddy Current (Magnetic) resistance systems in the Schwinn and Keiser cycles require Aluminum flywheels.  There is also a curious cover on the right hand side that houses something related to what they are referring to as their  patent-pending drive train.

From the catalog:

We are letting our competition see the front of our new 2011 Spinner® because once it”™s unleashed the only view they will ever have will be from behind... Twenty years ago, Spinning® started the group cycling revolution and the competition has been trying to catch up ever since. Six years ago, we changed group cycling design forever with the Spinner® NXT. In 2011 the new family of Spinner® bikes will explode out of the pack and leave the competition behind…again. Improved biomechanics, patent-pending drive train and user features never seen before will redefine the group cycling experience for all Spinning® enthusiasts. Come experience the ride at WSSC.

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