New Spinner TRIO QR Indoor cycle Pedal

Josh Taylor had told me last year about a new pedal Spinning® was designing that would have the same versatility as the Schwinn Triple Link pedal; accepts LOOK, SPD and fitness shoes + they include the new Morse Taper pedal spindle (vs. a conventional threaded spindle) they're using on the new Spinner® NXT and Blade Indoor Cycles.

I see now that they've introduced the new pedal in two versions; the TRIO™ and TRIO QR™ - QR refer's to Quick Release.

My understanding is that even with dozens of different competing pedal types available, LOOK (who was the first mass-marketed clip-less pedal) is still the market leader in road bike pedals. So it makes good sense to offer these types of pedals to keep many of your cyclists participants happy 🙂

The two pedals appear identical except for:

Patented "Quick Release" lever allows for simple one-handed platform removal.

They may want to reword this as the owner's manual clearly shows you need two hands to remove the cage.  

Spinner TRIO QR pedal

One hand or two, my hat's off to whomever designed the nifty Quick Release feature on the TRIO QR!

Fun Fact

You may or may not be aware that, the Podcast, ICI/PRO... everything began with my desire to market my Red Pedal Tool. After years of fighting with the shoe baskets on these pedals I created this tool which is designed to safely and easily remove the shoe basket from Schwinn Triple Link pedals.

I'll need to talk with Josh about why they have also chosen to manufacture a version without the quick release... The diagram below illustrates the very same removal issue Schwinn has with their Triple Link.

Spinner TRIO pedal

Instead of "OUT" it should say "OUCH"



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