Not many certifications happening out here :(

Not many certifications happening out here ūüôĀ

I woke up this morning to two emails, prompting this post.

The first was a notification of a question asked on

Does anyone know of regular continuing education events that make their way to Montana? Pickings are pretty slim here.

I responded to the post asking if they had any experience as a Group Fitness Instructor. If so, an online certification would be a potential solution. If you've ever driven through Montana you realize they are about as remote as you can get in the lower 48 states.   

Second was a followup to an exchange I'd been having with an experienced PT & Group Fitness instructor located in Pleasant Prairie WI - which is between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Hi John,
I was hoping to have a Stages training at our facility but we only have 4 people.  We have the Free Motion cycles.  I contacted Anne again, last week, to see if she had any people from the Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison area, but have not heard back from her yet. It looks like I may do one of the online certifications. Which one do you recommend?

This Instructor missed the initial training Stages Indoor Cycling provided a year earlier. She contacted me last month looking for options so she could get her certification and start teaching. I suggested she try and find a group of interested future Instructors and then host a live certification at the RecPlex Fitness Center where she's currently training clients. Each education company has a threshold number of participants = enough to cover the costs for bringing in a Master Trainer to conduct the training. That number varies, so contact each to find out the details.

Links to: Keiser / Schwinn / Spinning / Stages 

She's obviously a good candidate for an online certification, if she isn't successful finding additional people.

I am a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and teach strength based fitness classes - TRX, Free Motion, etc

There are a few online certifications out there - no the one promising; Risk-Free. Pay Only If You Pass! isn't real and doesn't count. I'd start by checking out this Online Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification program offered by Cycling Fusion.


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