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Indoor Cycling has always been about engaging students face to face, in a setting where member safety is enhanced and the specifics of riding an indoor cycle can be communicated effectively.  This requires educated faculty to deliver the classes.  It also creates additional expense for either the club operator or the instructor to pay for the education and additional time for the instructor to travel to and attend it.

Although online education can impact any instructor’s teaching knowledge, it hasn’t been widely accepted in Indoor Cycling.  Currently, only two education companies offer online training:  the Indoorcycling Group (ICG®), partnered with LIVESTRONG® Fitness, and Mad Dogg Athletics®, which provides Spinning®.

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Education published “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning.”  The study found that students who took all or part of their instruction online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through face-to-face instruction.  Further, those who took "blended" courses, combining elements of online learning and face-to-face instruction, appeared to do best of all.

At ICG®, we saw that the greatest advantages of online learning, as suggested by this study, were time spent and expanded curriculum.  Students spent additional learning time because an online module is self-paced.  Expanding knowledge is simplified for the student through an extensive online curriculum because it’s easy to offer.  Online learning is far more conducive both to increasing learning time and to learning a diverse program of study than is face-to-face instruction because it removes the two greatest barriers to instructor development — inconvenience and finance.

We’re not suggesting that it’s simply better to switch to online learning only.  Others studies have shown greatest effectiveness through the use of online learning for advanced study, while keeping the basic practices face-to-face.  This makes a good deal of sense with Indoor Cycling.  Initial certifications should be in the form of live practicums to give new instructors the most saddle time.

Based on a growing number of studies, however, review, re-certification and the learning of advanced theory might best be done online.  Self-paced online education provides as much time for study as the student needs, which can be particularly helpful when covering new material.

So, considering how important and expensive certifications for indoor cycling professionals can be, what might it be worth to you to be able to earn CECs online at your convenience and at your own pace, free of charge?

ICG® offers the most complete, internationally accredited program of continuing education — and we offer it for free.  This support is available for ALL instructors through our online education platform.  You can take the tutorials all at once or individually, as your time permits.  What could be easier?

Just go to and create your own personal account.  Your account will be immediately activated with all of our FREE CEC courses that are approved by ACE/AFAA and other certification organizations.

Our free curriculum includes:

Cyclewell:  Circuit Format

Dri-Tri®:  An express triathlon workout and teaching plan for the busy schedule

Continuing Education:  9 topics

  1. Aging and Adaptation
  2. Stretching
  3. Nutrition
  4. Competitive Cycling
  5. Training the Cancer Survivor
  6. Music and Motion
  7. Overtraining
  8. Periodized Training
  9. Heart Rate Training and Zones

I.C.G. Archive:  2 topics

1. Nutrition Periodization

2.  Sportif Seasonal Training


The indoor cycling instructor is a prime candidate for advancement through online learning.  The number of ICI-PRO website members and visitors demonstrates that a good percentage of indoor cycling instructors are online frequently.  ICI-PRO website information is, as we know, genuinely useful for the indoor cycling professional.  However, we still need to maintain certifications, which are costly and somewhat inconvenient, depending on instructor schedules.  It’s for this reason that we invite you to take advantage of the ICG® online courses — some of which are of equally high quality as postings on this website — when you next need CECs.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you in this way.








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