"John what is THAT?" Amy was looking at me with a very disapproving look on her face.

"What's what?" I responded as I straightened up from filling the back tire of The Bus - our Tandem bicycle - with 120lbs of air.

"Over the top of your bike shorts... you have a muffin top!"

"I do not!"

"You do too! And I expect you to do something about it, and quick."

Once I got over my initial defensiveness, I admitted to her (and myself) that after 17 years of being pretty disciplined about both my training and eating, I've allowed myself to slide a bit. OK, maybe a little more than a bit. But hey - I'm 51 years old... don't I get to back off at some point?

"No!" was Amy's response. "You have a lot of people who look to you as an example who will be as disappointed as I am, that you are backing off."

She was right, as usual... but what to do? As I rode along I realized I had both a short term and long term problem to solve.

  1. Short term - disguise my muffin top ASAP
  2. Long term - re-introduce John to something called self-restraint 🙂

Enter Bib Cycling Shorts; a man's equivalent to Spanx - control top pantyhose! Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode about this?

Secure that I had at least the short term issued solved, I jumped online to see what was available at Pearl iZumi and ended up buying two pairs of their $150.00 ELITE LTD Bib Shorts. Except I didn't pay $300.00. Using my ICI/PRO 40% discount they were only $90.00 each... which saved me more than the cost of a full year's subscription to ICI/PRO.

So if you find yourself facing a similar situation that could be solved (at least in the short term) with some new cycling clothes, join ICI/PRO as an annual member and you get access to everything Pearl iZumi makes at a 40% discount + 12 months of the awesome premium content we've become famous for.

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