I wait all Fall for this!
Today (Dec 22nd 3013) starts my Sunday Performance Cycle Class at the Eden Prairie Life Time Athletic Club and I'm as happy as a pig in slop!!!

These classes are pure, unadulterated training for cyclists. No nonsense, no feeling like I need to entertain everyone.

We're soft-launching this winter's training program, the official start will be Jan 5th. Our first class in February will include a full 20 min FTP assessment + a weigh in so we can compute and then track everyone's Watts/Pound over the length of the program.

The beauty of this class is in its simplicity; each week follows specific training plans designed by LTF's Sr. Director- Endurance Sports Coaching, Troy Jacobson of Spinervals training DVDs. Instructors are free to create their own music playlists for these time & intensity based profiles.

Today we followed Coach Troy's Spinervals Competition 22.0 — Time Trialapalooza with a few modifications to accommodate cyclists who don't know their FTP - Functional Threshold Power.

NOTE: We ride FreeMotion S11.9 cycles with the Power/RPM console.

Three Power/Watts Zones for Indoor Cycling Classes

Class length 75 minutes + Cool Down

Warm Up - 10 minutes. 5 minutes of gradual increases in wattage. During the second 5 mins. we're finding the wattage where everyone is first noticing a change in breathing; VT1 / Aerobic Threshold = the top of the Recover Zone shown above. This establishes a rough understanding of a base wattage that we use throughout the rest of class.

3 x 30 sec. Hard / 30 sec. Easy - Openers to AT/LT. I cue these by first having everyone find the amount of load @ 70 RPM that has them feeling they should (not just could) come out of the saddle. The 30 sec. Hard is then simply accelerating to 90+ RPM which results in some pretty impressive power numbers. The 30 sec. Easy is back to 70 RPM - many will stand during the Easy portion.

2 minutes rest - I encourage riders to focus on their recovery. Once they feel calm in their breathing, bring back the Base level work wattage.

20 min. Tempo - Here I included a 4 min. "Best Effort" to establish a benchmark PTP Personal Threshold Power (top of the Perform Zone) or ride at 110% of FTP if known. It's very helpful to riders to have that understanding of their personal upper wattage number. The "Best Effort" Threshold # + the Base Threshold # we found earlier form the three Power working zones I use in class.

- 1 min. build at preferred cadence (suggested as 85-95 rpm) - press the Stage Button to reset the averages.

- 4 min. "Best Effort" This should hurt, but be do-able. I ask everyone to observe their average at the end and then...

- 15 min. reduce effort slightly (15% - 20%) and maintain wattage in between the two Thresholds.

I have everyone note the combined average, over the full 20 minutes, at the end of this effort. I'll use this wattage in the Tempo Intervals to follow.   

5 min. Rest - Once breathing calms we bring back ~ Base Wattage and ride out of the saddle for a break.

15 min. Tempo - Quickly establish the average wattage from the 20 min. Interval. > Stage Button and then maintain. You may want to offer slight changes in cadence & load, while keeping wattage = to the initially established #.  

5 min. Rest -

10 min Tempo - Time is shorter... so we should be able to work a little harder. Again quickly establish the average wattage from the 20 min. Interval + (if possible) add 10-20 watts > Stage Button and maintain

5 min. Rest

5 min. Tempo - What have you got left? I've got a really competitive group and although I heard some grumbling, they all appeared to push this 5 minutes at (some above) their PTP / FTP 🙂

Cool Down

Here's my Playlist from today's class in Spotify and Deezer - all are 10 minute+ songs. As this is a timed class, I don't worry about trying to match the efforts to the music.  



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