Dirty Dozen Climbing Race Video in Pittsburgh

This has to be the hardest Indoor Cycling video of all time - ride along on the 13 incredibly steep climbs that make up this annual event on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I like to coach riders to climb each of these hills using a different cadence > but always above the PTP we will establish during the first climb. Crazy fun!

You can purchase the video or you can suffer with everyone in real time by watching the live event. From their press release:

The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen will be broadcasted live over the internet from start to finish. This cycling race, over the steepest 13 hills in Pittsburgh, will take place on November 29, 2014 at 10:00am with interviews in the staging area beginning at 9:30am.

Tune in right here

Here's the trailer from the video - you can order it here.


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