Pearl iZumi Lobster Gloves for cycling

10+ years of shifting has left its mark on my gloves.

My buddy Randy is convinced that we'll be riding outdoors by March 15th. As it was -9° F this morning, I'm thinking he's a bit optimistic. But can you blame him for wishing winter will be over soon?

We've had cold/winter here since Halloween. That followed a summer that didn't really begin until mid June. Day two of our annual MS150 ride on June 9th blessed us with a light, consistent rain and hypothermia inducing temps in the early 40's. Amy and I were shivering so convulsively at the half way point, that we could barely ride our tandem. Then we did the unthinkable; we abandoned the ride at the lunch stop 🙁

So when March 15th rolls around, and if the roads are dry, me, Randy and a few others will attempt a short ride... for no reason other than breaking the depression many of us are feeling. That's not the only reason. You see Randy is the regional Life Time Cycle Lead = he manages all of the outdoor group rides and he's picked me as the ride leader for our home club in Eden Prairie.

The realist in me says I had better be prepared to stay warm.

I enjoyed winter riding on my MTB for years, mostly alone - I never didn't have much luck finding anyone to ride with. As long as my hands and feet stayed warm, I would ride for hours. I have some very ugly shoe covers that do a great job keeping my toes from going numb. The Pearl iZumi Lobster Glove pictured above must be 15 years old and did a great job (when they were a bit newer) keeping all ten fingers functioning. I burned out completely on winter a few years ago - more recently they're only used for shoveling snow.

Thinking I'm going to try these as the lobsters don't work as well with the SRAM shifters on my VeloVie road bike.

Pearl iZumi PRO riding gloves cycling

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