IDEA 094Las Vegas IHRSA was exhausting, consuming and exhilarating, all at the same time. With the exception of enjoying some adult beverages outdoors with Bill Pryor and Barbara Hoots on Wednesday night, between Tuesday night and Friday morning I never stepped outside the convention hotel.

There's an unbelievable amount of both time and money being invested specifically toward Indoor Cycling. The shear amount of new models, new technology and new education that I saw tells me that major & minor manufacturers see Indoor Cycling as a huge growth opportunity.

A very exciting time to be an Indoor Cycling Instructor for sure 🙂

I'm working on a number of articles/reviews about my experiences this past week at IHRSA and first wanted to give you these quick, random bits from the show.

  1. Sales are good! Every major manufacturer's representative I spoke to had positive things to sale about the health of the market.
  2. Lots-O-Watts: Club/studio purchasing agents had their pick of Indoor Cycles with power indication from; FreeMotion, Keiser, Schwinn, Spinning and Wattbike. There were also a few that were brand new to me or prototypes on display including; POWERbahn, EVO and Monark from Switzerland that uses Rotor bicycle power cranks.
  3. My favorite quote from the show: "Indoor Cycling is a completely different sport from outdoor cycling. It's frustrating to me when people pull ideas from some outdoor cycling coach or training program and try to apply them to indoor cycling." Angie Sturtevant - Spinpowerâ„¢ Program Director / Power Specialist Master Instructor.
  4. Attendance: The place was packed. Every vendor I asked said they were impressed by the attendance - and they weren't just North Americans. I heard a lot of; "no speak English" when I approached participants.
  5. Most talked about subject: Soul Cycle's /Flywheel's influence on our industry. I was asking every participant I could find their thoughts on the state of our industry. At some part of many conversations one of those two brands was mentioned. Not always in a positive tense, but there's no doubt that the successes of Soul Cycle and Flywheel are well understood and on the minds of many.
  6. Get ready for an avalanche of new Indoor Cycling technology: FreeMotion launched the new commercial / club quality Tour de France Indoor Cycle where the Instructor can control the pitch of everyone in the class 🙂
  7. No batteries required: It's a simple thing and it may sound insignificant, but the self-charging power meter on the new Spinner Blade Ion was really impressive. I'm going to bet they will close sales with big clubs based on this feature alone.
  8. New players coming:  TriCore Indoor Cycling is the educational & certification programming that compliments the quite interesting EVO Indoor Cycle.

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