Recovery is one of those interesting words that can be used to describe two completely opposite things. We're often discussing recovery as a well deserved period of rest, like some easy pedaling after after a hard effort or simply a fun day that follows a week of focused training.

But recovery can also be hard work 🙁

Like recovering from a near disaster from when your trusty Dell computer abruptly reaches the end of it's life. So instead of being really productive this weekend, I had the privilege of spending way too much time downloading 300 gig's of files, installing all the programs and drivers I use + uninstall all the BS programs (all very annoying) they stuff into a new computer and adjusting the myriad of computer settings that I've become accustom to dependent on. I must have clicked Ï agree" thirty or more times, never once reading what I was agreeing to. I hope it wasn't anything important.

Thank goodness for Carbonite! That link takes you to a free trial if you aren't already using an automatic file backup service.

My plan to launch the the next Ultimate Instructor Class Profile Contest has been pushed off a week - until 9/22.

But don't let that stop you from getting started. The Grand Prize winner will be vacationing somewhere warm this winter... and they'll need a passport to get there.

Also we have been working on a redesign of this website that incorporates many of the ideas and requests many of you expressed in our recent survey.

Originally posted 2012-09-17 09:13:19.


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