LTF Instructors get a 15% discount - are you taking advantage of this?

LTF Instructors get a 15% discount - are you taking advantage of this?

I could lease a nice car for what I'm paying Verizon Wireless each month. Service and data plans for daughters; Abby and Carly (two iPhone's), Amy's Droid Razr M and my iPhone run $250.00 a month = $3000.00 a year.

It may not be for you, but that's a serious amount of money to me 🙁

So my ears perked up this morning when I heard an interview on Fox for a company that said Americans pay something like $50 billion more than they should for cell services. The guest, the founder of, explained that they have an easy way for you to analyze your monthly bill and compare the different service plans.

I didn't take the time to look, but I'm guessing there are other companies that do something similar. What makes unique is that you can choose to simply pocket the money you save using their service or contribute it to their chosen charity - The Seven Bar Foundation.

The Seven Bar Foundation, a 501(c)3, is the brand for the empowerment of women. As a social enterprise it fuels microfinance institutions by driving profits with purpose with cause-marketing brand partners. To reach a critical mass with its ladder symbolic message, the Foundation hosts the top couture and luxury lingerie shows in the world – Lingerie New York, London Miami, etc. Together with the Foundation’s alliances we enable women in need to start or grow their own small businesses, breaking the cycle of poverty for their children via microfinance.
We believe that microfinance is an effective tool to combat poverty and empower women because it fosters self-reliance and encourages sustainable development. As loans are repaid to our Microfinance partners, the funds are then reissued to other entrepreneurs. Investments in Seven Bar Foundation will help countless women over the long-term, constantly growing in size and increasing its impact with every woman that the funds reach.

I love anything that empowers people to become productive 🙂

Using was free, really easy and took me all of ten minutes to set up. Eight of the ten minutes was consumed by trying to remember which of our four lines was the Primary # and then resetting the forgotten password.

Money I can save using and Vera

That $102.00 a year could go somewhere better than Verizon. If you choose to spend on on yourself maybe a Spotify premium or ICI/PRO subscription?

You create a user and password at and then confirm the email they send. The actual tool that analyses your service is called Vera. Enter your cell # and password and Vera goes to work. I was shown four plan options and the potential change in costs. Plan option 1 showed I can save $102.00 a year just by making a simple change to my service.

Now to be fair, Amy watches all our expenses like a hawk (she was a CPA when I first met her), so we were already pretty close to optimal. But the conformation was both comforting and a bit depressing... I was hoping to see some huge, untapped savings we could take advantage of.

If you opt to make the suggest change, generates an email to send to your carrier this the new plan data. Hit send and hopefully they will respond. It's when your carrier responds that the changes will be made - doesn't make any changes directly, just shows you which changes to make.

If you're concerned with having your personal info, I suggest running the test and then you can go back and change your password.

If you try this let other's know your results below.

P.S. is a great example of a website built using HTML5 - the new hypertech markup language that we were discussing earlier in regards to iPads and how they won't display the Flash audio player that uses the old/current version of HTML.


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