New Schwinn AC Performance Plus Upgrades

Schwinn is promoting an improved version of the Schwinn AC Performance Indoor Cycle, calling it the "Plus". The biggest changes are to the saddle and handlebar Fore & Aft adjustment mechanism. Earlier versions of the AC Performance limited both adjustments to three set position that were labeled "+" / "0" / "-", with "0" being Neutral and the others ahead and behind. I heard a number of concerns that because people don't come in only three sizes, only offering three positions were too coarse, not allowing for the finer level of fitting we prefer to bring to our students.

The new AC Plus solves that with a new method that they say offers an "Infinite" level of adjustability. Here's a link to the new brochure you can download.

While we are on the subject of saddle adjustments, now is the time to go in review this video about ensuring all your Indoor Cycles are setup correctly. It's very important that once a student is setup correctly, that position is the same on every cycle in your studio.

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Originally posted 2012-09-15 10:23:41.


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