Schwinn Class Tamer iPhone Music App

UPDATE 6/2017 - this app has been discontinued by Schwinn and is no longer available.

We're totally consumed here at IHRSA this week. So instead of a free track, how about an awesome and FREE Instructor iPhone App for building classes with cues instead?

This new iPhone App from Schwinn is called Class Tamer.

Here's the link to get the free App.

This is a crazy busy show and popular Master Trainers are... popular. After waiting a for a very busy Julz Arney to free up and show me the new App on her phone, I decided to install it and give it a try myself. Fantastic - it even has a crossfade with adjustable duration 🙂

Despite my fascination with new technology, my personal preference is for simple and easy. My biggest test is; when I turn it on, will I know instinctively how to make it work? This App is super easy to figure out. Even if you've moved to Spotify or Deezer, I'd encourage you to download it and give it a try. Who knows... you may get excited about iTunes again. There's also an easy to use tutorial if you get stuck.

Here's Schwinn's description of Class Tamer.

Designed with input and insight from Schwinn”™s global team of Master Instructors, Class Tamerâ„¢ is the premier music player for group exercise professionals. The app intuitively organizes “what to say,” “what to play” and “what to do,” with large, easy-to-read fonts and controls, creating a tool that helps keep you organized — and your class energized.

Class Tamer features include:

- Ability to easily create and save ride playlists by accessing your songs, playlists, albums and artists directly from iTunes
- “What to say” and “What to do” scrollable notes pages, which allow you to input and save your cueing notes, music tags and BPM to specific songs
- Instructor-friendly, full-screen display
- Easy-to-read song timer, displaying time elapsed, time remaining, and prompting for next song
- Easy-to-navigate play/pause button
- Easy-access, oversized volume slider
- Ability to easily modify tempo of songs during a ride
- Customizable cross-fade setting
- Stopwatch that operates independently from the song timer and can be used while music is playing — perfect for intervals
- 10 sound effects to help add excitement to your classes - Adjustable font size for optimal readability during rides
- Demo and tutorial screen

Here's the player screen showing call-outs for some of the key features that have me excited to use Class Tamer in my next class.

Schwinn Class Tamer Instructor class music iphone App

Love those BIG NUMBERS!


  • The BPM displayed in the top RH corner comes from the metadata (get info) of the track - the App doesn't compute the BPM or will the number change if you use the slider to change the tempo.
  • For songs you purchased from iTunes that are "Protected AAC" - cross fade and tempo adjustment are disabled.
  • Cues you've pinned to a song are manually chosen by swiping - they're not tied to any specific place in the song's time place.

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