I started to share this over at pedal-on.com and quickly realized that this is another Best Practice for Indoor Cycling Instructors.

Suggestion to anyone reading this who is planning to use Spotify in class.

A cycling coach / friend of mine taught me that race day is never a good day to try something new.

The mark of a Rookie is someone who changes his seat height the night before a big event, or slams the latest energy drink on the way to the race - only to find the new saddle height feels weird and uncomfortable... and the stimulants have your heart (and mind) racing so fast you're worried about what effect all of these changes will have on the race you've trained months for that you're an emotional wreck as you roll to the line and are off the back before the end of the 1st lap.

Experiment during your training and only bring what's familiar to the starting line. Same is true with using Spotify in your class. I've lost track of how many calls and emails I have gotten that begin with; the first time I tried to use Spotify in my class ____________________ happened. It worked perfectly at home... I have no idea why it didn't __________.

Show your professionalism by doing a dry run at your studio before you attempt to use Spotify to deliver your class music.

Teach a whole class by yourself and experiment with your new toy;

  • Will it play with Air Plane Mode turned on?
  • Can you find your playlist if it's buried in a folder?
  • Is the cross fade working correctly?
  • Hit a few of the wrong buttons... do you know how to get back?
  • Accidentally tap the shuffle (no, just tapping it again won't return it to ordered play) ... can you quickly turn shuffle off?
  • Get sweaty and try to scroll through the playlist - can you without inadvertently changing tracks?
  • Have some sweat drip on the screen - will you resist the temptation to wipe it off with your towel = changing songs? or learn that you can dab the screen without messing everything up?
  • Do your local files play when the should?

I'm sure this is only a partial list of the potential problems (feel free to add your own) you could suddenly be faced with, if you run into class without taking the time to become proficient with Spotify.

Originally posted 2013-02-02 12:27:43.


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