peloton streaming video classes for home trainingSoulCycle paying Instructors $130 a class may sound like a lot to many of us, but it will be closer to minimum wage once Peloton Cycle studio opens in NYC this fall.

Teach to a full house of 50 riders and expect to receive $500.00 for your efforts. This isn't a typo - this outfit is planning to compensate Indoor Cycling Instructors up to $500.00 a class. Teach a regular schedule of 13 packed classes a week and you'll be interviewing stock brokers for ideas where you should invest your $300,000 annual compensation.

Want to work for Peloton Cycling? Check to see if they're hiring here.

Update 10/1/2013 - I have an interview up with Peloton Cycle's COO Tom Cortese where you can learn a bunch more about their plans.

From a Well and Good in NYC article

To that end, Peloton has borrowed a lot from boutique studios and what riders are addicted to, starting with the charismatic instructor. “Instructors who can command an audience and have great fitness knowledge are arguably like actors, they should be paid as such. We”™re tripling what the going rate is to work at a studio,” says Foley, adding that with this platform, Peloton teachers will become “global celebrities, capable of reaching thousands of riders at a time, instead of 50.” (We”™re expecting defections any second now.) - I'm assuming they're referring to defections from SoulCycle & Flywheel - John 

Peloton's goal here, as I see it, is to recruit the very best 10 Instructors... not just the 10 best Instructors in New York, but the 10 best Instructors from anywhere on the planet. $300k should be enough of an incentive to motivate just about anyone to pack their bags, move to a new gig and start teaching in the Big Apple.

How can they afford to pay Instructors so much?

The financial "Holy Grail" for Peloton is delivering on-demand classes to home users riding their new Peloton Indoor Cycles. This bike looks very cool/well designed and they recently raised over $300,000 using Kick Starter to fund the design and early production.

Created by John Foley, the former president of Barnes & Noble eCommerce, Peloton has built a sexy at-home bike that won”™t look out of place in your high-design living room. It comes with a 22-inch tablet-like, touch-screen monitor that allows you to ride along with live classes at Peloton”™s 50-bike studio in New York City (opening in Chelsea in the fall), or stream one on-demand.

So your potential class size is limited only by the number of those new cycles they sell.

I'm dying to learn more about all of this; the new Indoor Cycle, the technology, their plans for the Peloton Studio... everything. I'm working on getting a representative on the Podcast ASAP.

P.S. Peloton is accepting applications 🙂



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