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Spotify Playlist Timer is back

Now showing total time + hours and minutes beyond one hour!

Hi John!  Have you heard the news?  Apparently the Spotify timer is back. I have yet to receive the update but many instructors are already enjoying it!


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It's about time 🙂

If you joined Spotify recently, you've had to live without any playlist timer. A major inconvenience when you want an accurate listing of total time.

Those of us joined a bit earlier enjoyed the playlist timer and were pretty frustrated when they removed it for no understandable reason. It wasn't perfect. A playlist of over 60 minutes displayed: Over One Hour, which wasn't much help when you were constructing a 90 minute endurance ride. I was creating two separate playlists; Part 1 & Part 2 so I could see the time, then combined them before class.

This new Spotify playlist timer showing both hours and minutes is a very welcome update.

To control the load on their servers, Spotify rolls out update notifications sequentially. I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if they update their premium users first. If you're not seeing the new timer, I would first try closing Spotify if it's sitting open for a while. If that doesn't help you'll need to sit tight and wait until you see the update notification that will show on the top of Spotify page.

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