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The view Brenda was missing while teaching

I know it's a little early to think about a warm vacation but I just had to post this. Instructor Brenda Moeske learned about Working Fitness Vacations on a Podcast. After talking to Amy last year at the conference Brenda scheduled her vacation to teach for the week at Couples Tower Isle.

She sent this quick email when she got back:

It turned out to be a fabulous week!  I taught my last class (group fitness) class this morning.  I did group fitness at 9 a.m. and spin at 5:00 p.m.  I had some good classes!  My participants said I was missing a great view!!  They don't have us teach on Friday afternoons and of course Saturday's.  What an amazing experience!!  My husband has thanked me the entire trip and the hospitality has been wonderful!!!  We have already been on the website planning our next one!  Thanks again for letting us know about FitPro Travel!!!!  See you in a week!

What she means by "See you in a week!" is that she will be at the conference again this year. Just look for the tan - healthy looking Instructor in the front row.

Amy and I have been to Couples Tower Isle a number of times and it's really a beautiful place. We have a whole website dedicated to helping you take a very low cost Working Fitness Vacation just like Brenda did last week. Go to workingfitnessvacation.com 


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