Spotify for Spinning and Indoor Cycling Class music playlists

In preparations for this Sunday's LIVE online training I was doing some prep work with Amy's Android phone. Note to self, when it's time to upgrade, stick with a new iPhone 4g if at all possible. 

Maybe my frustrations were non-typical, but I found trying to switch worlds from iPhone > Android difficult and a bit frustrating. I got sucked into the the VCast world where Verizon wireless will show me the path to App enlightenment... except it didn't lead me to the place where I could download the stinking Spotify App. I had asked Amy (it's her phone) "how do I get to the Apps store?" I don't know... let's take a look." Which lead us to the "special" store that Verizon has set up that is missing the most important App under the "Music" heading, which as far as I'm concerned is Spotify.

It's important to note here that I'm a PC guy, but I am slowly understanding the whole MAC thing...

"Abby, can you help me find the Spotify App on your mom's phone?" was very productive. She (Abby is under 25, so she understands both worlds) quickly took me to the Android Marketplace (you'll find it, you just need to scroll down below the deceptive Vcast App World icon) to the "Market Place" where you can search for the Spotify download.

Once (or if) you find it you can down load the Spotify App for your Droid phone.

Once I had the Spotify App installed I was asked to log in... but before I could, I had to approve a somewhat sinister message; Steaming or syncing playlists over your 3g or 4g connection can consume large amounts of data and potentially cost you a king's ransom in digital download fees 🙁

OK, I added that last part about the King myself. But this is important; your Smart Phone (doesn't matter which type) needs to be set properly so any transfers occur via wireless Internet, not a cellular connection. The screen shot I have above shows my iPhone (still trying to learn how to do this with Amy's Android) has syncing over 3g turned off, so I have no fears of going broke paying excessive download fees for syncing music to my iPhone.

This Sunday's LIVE training is over full so I will be scheduling a second very soon. You can click here to join the notification list for future Spotify, iTunes and MixMeister LIVE online training sessions.

Originally posted 2012-01-03 05:11:51.


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