Great question from ICI/PRO member Karin...

Hi John,

Question...can you direct me to the profiles/playlist that are more pop music?  Or is there a way for me to search vs. going through each one?  Thank you!

My response was: Most of our 60 Audio Class PROfiles are an eclectic composition of  music, from many different genres. So there's no easy way to sort/search for playlists that are primarily pop songs. Unfortunately you will need to sample each playlist to learn if the music is to your taste.

I enjoy sampling music - what I do is:

NOTE: This all applies to Deezer as well.

  1. I subscribe to a bunch of playlists > and set them as Available Offline.
  2. Listen to each as I'm driving, working or some other activity when I'm alone.
  3. When I hear one I like I click the little circle with the three dots ---


That opens the sharing options:


  • Add to Playlist > and I add it to a special playlist I've created "Future to Use" - I keep at the top of my playlist column so it's easy to find. That's my go-to list (along with my Shazam Tags) when I'm ready to build a new class.
  • Or you can "Star" the track > which adds it to your starred list > left hand sidebar has a "Starred" display option.
  • Or if you swipe left, you'll see an option to; Go To Album, Go To Artist and Start Radio.



I enjoy the Radio feature a lot. Spotify will begin playing songs that are similar to the one you started with.

No telling what you'll hear (discover) next 🙂

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