I realize that not everyone has access to (or interest in) Spotify. And I'm guessing that the majority of successful Instructors are using the combination of iTunes and an iPhone to deliver their class music. If the later category includes you, this new My Cycle Class iPhone App maybe of interest.

my cycle class iphone app for spinning classes

Paul Surette developed myCycleClass to simplify creating a class profile using his iPhone and then guiding him with movements & cues that corrispond to each song.

Not sure if it's just me, but there is often things not obvious (read frustrating) when I first use any App. In the case of myCycleClass it took me a long time to figure out how to actually start the class 🙁 You click the + in the top right corner. Once I figured that part out it seemed to work well, but I'll admit that I didn't try it in an actual class.

You start by adding your typical movements > use the + button to add new.

Then common cues

Using the setting tab you can import iTunes Playlists. Select a playlist and you can add movements and cues.

When you're ready to start class you hit the + sign and are given an option to adjust the class length countdown timer.

One handy feature is you can easily email your playlist / profile to others.

If you are into techie stuff like this and appreciate the structure myCycleClass would bring to your teaching give it a try and let me know your results.

An alternative iPhone App is ClassBuilder from Cycling Fusion. Yes there are considerable differences between the two. The primary difference is myCycleClass is designed for a Movement based class where ClassBuilder is geared toward Intensity based classes.



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