Why isn't there a low cost handheld device just for Spotify?   There isn't - I checked. But why not? OK, that's a dumb question. With about a Gazillion iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches and Android devices in the market already, why would a company create a device that's specifically designed for Spotify? But not every Indoor Cycling Instructor owns a Smartphone. Those that don't may not because of the costly data plan, they have a company issued phone with use restrictions or they just have no interest in becoming addicted to 24/7 technology like the rest of us 🙁

I get emails from these Instructors frequently and see posts on Pedal-On.com asking the same question; I'd love to use Spotify to deliver my class music... does it work on my iPod Nano? The answer is no by the way. So I'm thinking there's a potential market for a low cost, portable device that runs the Spotify App, without the added cost of a $40.00 a month data plan. Not finding one... I made one. I'm calling it the SpotiPhone and you can have your own for about $75.00 + $9.95 a month for Spotify Premium.

Spotify Music Player

Ebay has thousands of these Spotiphones for sale.

Well I didn't actually make one... I went to Ebay and found that there are thousands of used iPhone 3G's for sale. A number of sellers with high ratings offer returns (so you can be sure the thing works) and I started placing bids on auctions that were ending soon. I had watched a few and saw that most were selling for around $75.00 so I set my maximum at so the total with shipping wouldn't exceed $80.00. I lost a few by a dollar or two, but won the third. Three days later I had my 8 GB Spotiphone. I logged in with my Apple ID and downloaded Spotify from the App store - be sure to select the older version (4.x) of Spotify. Once I entered my Facebook ID everything appeared; all my music and playlists 🙂 A couple of things to watch out for that I learned through the process:

  1. I limited my bidding to the smallest capacity - 8GB because I was only going to use Spotify so there was no reason for anything larger = more expensive.
  2. iPhone 3G's have a removeable SIM card that needs to be present for anything to work. As it turned out, the person I bought from had been using the iPhone as an iPod Touch so it was good to go. I'd contact the seller to see if it's included before bidding on it.
  3. If you end up without a SIM card they are available on Ebay for about $5 and look pretty easy to install.
  4. The iPhone 3G will not run the latest version of Spotify (5.x) - which includes the Gapless Playback and Crossfade options.
  5. A new iPod Touch will run Spotify (5.x) and of course you could easily run down to your local Apple store and purchase one or order one on line. It would do the same thing, but it would cost you another $130.00 or so + shipping.

I'm not sure if I'm actually going to use my SpotiPhone. It was more an experiment to see if I could find a low cost player for Spotify. I may hang on to it as a spare... or through it back on Ebay. If you'd be interested in buying it from me let me know.


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