Stages Cycling StageONE Power Meter for DuraAce

I'm going to need a pair of these so I can see when Amy is slacking off on the Tandem.

Stages Cycling has taken the technology they developed for the FreeMotion S11 series Indoor Cycles and is now offering the StageONE Power Meter to outdoor cyclists.

I don't have any direct experience other than a heads-up email announcing the launch of this , but there are two very informative posts from bloggers who are at Eurobike earlier this summer.

Stages Cycling StageONE power meter — Interbike 2012

Stages Cycling readily admits that it's not necessarily trying to go head-to-head with established players such as SRM, Powertap, and Quarq in terms of outright technology, instead preferring to go after so-called 'blue collar' riders who merely want a consistent means of tracking progress for training purposes.

StageONE $699 ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart crank-based power meter announced

Using a Bluetooth enabled device (the StageONE doesn't come with any display) you can add power and cadence for $699.00 which is less than half that of other systems = outdoor power gets a bit closer to being real for many of us 🙂

Will Grossman from Stages Cycling has promised me more information soon. Right now they are swamped with their launch and Interbike which starts tomorrow. Their website is supposed to go live today.

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