When I first upgraded to Spotify Premium back in August, I was excited to try something new, but a little disappointed and apprehensive because it wasn”™t as easy as I thought it was going to be.  Change is never easy.  But I kept at it and now I think I”™m able to navigate it quite well.  Creating and publishing playlists is the easy part. Muddling through all the little glitches with the system was a little tricky, but once I was able to figure them out, I rarely run into problems anymore. The difficult part, for me anyway, was finding people to follow and finding new music.

I don”™t know about you, but I could spend hours listening to music and deciding if I think certain songs should earn a spot on my next playlist.  When I first began using Spotify, I really didn't know where to begin.  It wasn't like iTunes, (which I had been using forever), so I knew that I needed to find an easy way to use Spotify to get access to music that I could use in my classes.  I didn't want to be tied to my computer all night searching for music because I couldn't navigate my way through this new terrain. I wanted to be able to easily find new releases and I wanted to see what other instructors were using in their playlists.  So I set a goal to find some easy and time-saving ways to search for new music.  I think I succeeded.  Here are few tips to add to your arsenal or to help you if you”™re just getting started:

  1. Find people to follow and subscribe to their playlists.  I explain this in detail in my last ICI/PRO post.
  2. Don”™t overlook the ‘What”™s New”™ Tab at the top left of your main sidebar on your profile screen.  Click on this tab and you”™ll find a customized page for you with new releases, top playlists, top tracks, trending playlists, and featured Spotify apps.
  3. Subscribe to playlists that ‘refresh”™.  I have found a few playlists to subscribe to that help me to keep up with the best new releases as well as the hottest songs in the country at the moment.  Here are a few that I subscribe to: Billboard Hot 100; New Release Tuesdays and New Releases on Spotify
  4.  And speaking of new releases, if you like to use them in your playlists, learn to love Tuesdays!  Most of the new releases come out on Tuesdays, so check for updates on your main page and be the first one to listen!
  5. 'Like' Spotify on Facebook.  You'll get really great updates on new music and bands, helpful tips and general updates.
  6. Sign up at Sharemyplaylist.com.  I have not used this service as a means of sharing my playists (yet), but they DO email me a newsletter every week with seven of their top playlists, all of which have been published in Spotify.  So with the click of a button, you can listen and subscribe.  I can't say enough about this resource.  I always find a TON of great music here.
In addition to the ideas mentioned above, I think in the not too distant future you may see some changes over at Spotify that will make your music discovery a little bit easier. Not only has Spotify overhauled their website, but they will very soon be unrolling some new and exciting changes. If you used iTunes Ping, you may find this to be a good replacement.  See what it's all about by clicking the photo below:
 How do you find music to use in your classes?  If you have a great resource, please share in the comment section.





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