Not lost as in the "Lost" TV show, but Lost as in episodes of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast that have fallen off the listings in iTunes.

The problem is that the iTunes Podcast Directory will only display a total of 40 individual Podcast listings. All the earlier episodes are essentially lost and not available for download to your computer or iPod.

Now if you have been with us since August of 2008 you have them all, but with Instructors discovering us every day many of you have missed some of our very best interviews!

Many familiar voices were first introduced to our Indoor Cycling Community in these early episodes including; Tom Scotto, Barbara Hoots, Dr Haley Perlus, Gene Nacey and I”™ll never forget my interview with Johnny G!

To help those of you wanting these lost episodes, I have bundled what I feel are the very best 24 Podcasts that you can purchase & download. You can find a listing of exactly what is included on this page ICI Podcast — The Lost Episodes


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