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After receiving and answering what seems like hundreds of questions that are similar to Kristi's below, I'm offering a radical solution that I feel will dramatically improve your experience using Spotify.

Hi John! Thank you for your quick response…I”™m just now finding time to get back to my “spotify training” 🙂

When I click on the first link in your email below, an Internet Explorer dialog box opens and asks if I want to allow the application to open, to which I click on Allow (I”™ve also tried clicking on Cancel, and have the same result). Then an error dialog box opens that says : “spotify: user:johnmac11:playlist: {followed by lots of letters and numbers}. Unspecified error” and then another error dialog box opens that says: “Unable to open this helper application for spotify: user:johnmac11:playlist: {followed by lots of letters and numbers}. The protocol specified in this address is not valid. Make sure the address is correct, and try again.”

When I clicked on the second link in your email, the playlist actually opened in spotify!

I”™ve never been able to open the link from the ICI/PRO website. I thought it wouldn”™t work because I didn”™t have the premium spotify account, but now I have a premium account so I know that”™s not the issue.

Thank you for your help!!



Dump IE (Internet Explorer)

That's it. That's my radical solution.

IMO: IE is vastly inferior to Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox Internet browsers for PC users and the root of many of the problems Kristi describes above.  Those links take you to where you can download either (or both) on to your machine.

I primarily use Chrome and never experience any problems opening the links to Spotify playlists. Amy has used Firefox for years (before Chrome existed) and there's no reason for her to switch.

IE comes with any new PC and I've talked with a number of Instructors who were under the impression that they needed to use IE - not true!


Not to worry. Once either has been installed, both will ask you if you want to import all of your IE settings > you'll say yes and that should end your relationship with IE > which will bring a big smile to my face 🙂

Sure it may take you a little while to get used to a new browser, but it will be worth it.

DO IT NOW! If not for yourself... then do it for me. Download and install Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox today.

If you are a Mac user I would encourage you to try either browser as an alternative to Safari - although Mac users report that they are very satisfied with Safari. One advantage to using Chrome - If you are a big user of Google's suite of products like Gmail, Google Docs or Google+, Chrome ties very tightly together with their other software.


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