Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast on Radio

Forget to sync your iPhone or Droid and don't have the latest episodes of your favorite Podcast? Like they say in Jamaica, No Problem - Mon ūüôā

Go and get the Stitcher SmartRadio App that streams Podcasts directly to your Smart Phone. It's completely FREE and is one of the few Apps that I see using more than once or twice.

Here's why.

I'm very excited to announce that The Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast has been selected to be part of this exclusive network. We join a number of other excellent Fitness Podcasts like; Keith Burnage's Cadence Revolution, The Get Fit Guy Ben Greenfield, The Fred Cast + all the big name news outlets like CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

Currently only the free version of the Podcast is available. The way their system is setup only new episodes, starting with #157, are available.  I see that Stitcher supports a number of Premium (paid) services and I have contacted them to see if ICI/PRO members will be able to stream Audio PROfiles in the future.

Those of you who don't regularly update your device will find this very helpful.

You can download the Stitcher App for iPhone/iPad - Droids - Blackberrys & Palms here.

Then simply search for Indoor Cycling to start streaming today.

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