Spotify 3 month sale

Here's a great deal for anyone who's been dragging their feet on subscribing to Spotify. Sign up now and get three months for $0.99 - this is for USA customers, you'll need to check to see if the offer is available in your country.

If you're concerned about learning the in's and out's of Spotify - we've got you covered here at ICI/PRO.

Find a bunch of articles to learn the basics of Spotify here + a bunch of tips and tricks.

Beyond the access to millions of tracks - one of the main benefits of Spotify is how easy it is to share playlists between friends. As an ICI/PRO member you're considered a friend and we have over 60 fabulous playlists that you can download here.

Looking for that perfect track? We have 8 collaborative playlists where you can find song selections from other ICI/PRO members and you can add your own.



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