In this previous post I encouraged you to change your email password. Many of you must have followed my suggestion as I'm getting far fewer emails from hacked accounts. I continue to get them, but not the normal; "I've hacked your account and now I'll send a SPAM email to everyone in your contact list - which alerts your email provider. No. Now the bastards are getting sneaky...

Many of us use the "Out of office" / "I'm on vacation" auto response feature... and so are the hackers. They're only sending SPAM emails from a hacked account, after someone first sends you an email.

We're emailing ~ 10,000 Instructors every week. It's not uncommon for me to receive a few dozen responses; "Sorry but I'm off this week..." But now those responses include a link that is 100% SPAM.

Asking pleading with you here: Go in and change your password now if you haven't. If you are alerted that your account is sending a SPAM auto response go in and check to see if your vacation response has been mysteriously turned 🙁

And yes, I'm seeing this as another "Best Practice" of a Professional Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Originally posted 2012-10-11 07:54:11.


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