The Senior Group Fitness Instructor and I spent a weekend in Door County WI last month. Lots of quaint little towns to explore along the shores of Lake Michigan. We did what most tourists do as we walked along all the shops and restaurants... we stopped to check out the menus posted along the sidewalk, with the intent of finding the place where we would have dinner that evening.

I hadn't considered it at the time, but if one of the restaurants we passed didn't have a menu posted near the sidewalk, we wouldn't have considered eating there.  Without some of the basic information (type of food, pricing, ambiance, entertainment, etc...) we'd never know if they had the best food in town or not.

We weren't looking for anything specific in a place to eat - the best I can tell you we were just looking for some place that fit us. Does that make sense? I guess it follows the; "I don't know what I want... but I'll know it, once I find it!"

So, is your class "menu" displayed somewhere prospective participants can find/learn more about you and your class? Or classes if you're a studio owner/manager? 

I'm thinking this menu needs to be more than; "Indoor Cycling with John" which really doesn't tell you anything about me or my class. Maybe I could improve my menu by adding a picture of me and something all flowery and word-smithy like; "Experience outdoor cycling... indoors. Take a virtual training ride with John. Blah, blah, blah"  which may or may not be effective. What else could you include?

Beyond your; charming / energetic personality, comprehensive knowledge of exercise physiology and dazzling smile, what else (if they could know more in advance) would be of interest to potential participants to our classes? Or your regulars for that matter?

How about your music!

 Consider what primarily gets shared between members about your class:

  • How hard/easy is her class? She killed us this morning!
  • Was his music good? We rocked this morning! or What was he thinking with that playlist?

Technology from Spotify and Deezer now gives us the ability to easily share our playlists. Surge Cycle is a studio near me. On their Meet our Instructors page (Internet menu of sorts) studio owner Zion Anderson has posted a sample Spotify playlist of each instructor's class music. Here is Zion's playlist.

Now I think that's an awesome idea... now if I could get Life Time to do something similar.

Except I would probably use OPM 😉


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