Where do you teach spinning classes?

Do you realize that there are thousands of Clubs and Studios, offering some form of Indoor Cycling,  located all-over the world?

And those facilities employ tens of thousands of Instructors, like me and you!

So I was thinking; wouldn't it be cool if there was a map that showed all of their locations... and listed the Instructors?

We've created just such a map over at Pedal-On.com and we're waiting for you to add your club or studio:)

Click here to learn more and add your Club / Studio.


  • I don't own a club. Why should I bother creating a listing? The listing will help students find your club and attend YOUR class, other Instructors living in & travelling to your town will also find your listing (this is a good thing) and then can contact you for a guest pass or maybe just to connect with another like minded Instructor.
  • Do I need to be the owner or manager to create a listing? No. There's no reason not to create a listing for your club or studio. Everything you need will be found on your club's website.
  • Does this cost anything? Nope.
  • Can I list more than one location? Yes. You can create a listing for all the places where you teach.
  • Do I have to share my personal information? Not if you don't want to 🙂 The listing will show your Pedal-On user name and the Contact info should be the public information for the studio.
  • What other information can I include? The listing can be as simple as just general information or full of detail like the type of cycles you ride, certifications, unique programs and class schedules. You can include anything you feel will be of value to someone looking at your listing.
  • How do I get started? Click here to see if your club / studio is listed. If it isn't, click the green button to add your club. (You do need to be a registered Pedal-On user. If you aren't you will be taken to the easy to use registration form)
  • My club is already listed, how do I add my user name? Click the coordinator listed to PM them, asking to be added.


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