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I saw this and couldn't help but share 🙂

A Bay Area Gym Wants You to Get Sweaty and Stoned

This May, the world's first cannabis-infused gym will open in San Francisco, where members will be encouraged to integrate the plant into their pre- and post-workout regimen

They'll say it will be about "Science"...

Power Plant Fitness will be a premier gym, McAlpine says, not just a hangout for potheads. Though, to be clear, there will be weed. He”™s still hammering out the details, but McAlpine envisions offering cannabis performance assessments, in which trainers help determine how the plant can help an athlete work out before guiding them through weed-assisted fitness plans.

... and getting into the right training "Zone"...

“If you use it right,” he says, “cannabis takes the things you love and lets you love them more. With fitness that can help get you into the zone, into eye-of-the-tiger mode.”

... but really it's about selling stuff. 

In addition, McAlpine hopes, members will be free to buy and consume cannabis on site, including Power Plant”™s own line of edibles, which he says are “made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.”

Is it a stretch to think this might be the start of a new genre of Indoor Cycling? It would give new meaning to; "Keeping it Fun" - don't you think?

Check out this video: The Benefits Of Smoking Weed Before Your Workout

I found this story @

Karen Nuccio, a fitness and spin instructor in New York City, told me a funny story:

While waiting in my car before teaching an evening spin class one night, I spotted one of my students. He tapped on my window and got in my car to chat. This was one of my all-star spin students – a ripped, shredded dude with tattoos and attitude. He would spin faster and harder than anyone. He gets in a car, we start talking about the playlist for the class and then he goes, ‘Do you mind?”™ before pulling out a joint. Yep, my best spin student to date was high during every class. Moral of the story? Not every pot smoker sits on the couch and orders Domino”™s. Some of them are dominating your spin class. We are all very specialized animals. Do I promote mixing drugs and fitness class? No. But I think we all need to find our way and for some people, the road to health is not a typical one. OK, so a fitness instructor I know well and respect confirmed marijuana can be extremely effective in athletic performance. Upon further digging, I found some long-distance runners use it before running races, and yogis use it to get a better stretch in. In more weed-friendly states, there are even yoga classes specifically designed to incorporate marijuana, like Ganja Yoga in San Francisco.


Now... who will be offering the first HIGHCYCLE Indoor Cycling Instructor certification?

And will they provide munchies?

Could be a cool franchise opportunity - let me know if you want to discuss.

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