If you're a frustrated iPad/iPhone user, tired of seeing this notice, help is on the way!

September 2013 Update: This is now fixed... but you may have already discovered that 🙂

... but Safari doesn't support Flash... so now what?

... but Safari doesn't support Flash... so now what?

You may have tried to download the latest version of Flash only to see...


Word is that you can thank the late Steve Jobs for why you can't listen to the Podcast, using the embedded player on page, with an Apple portable device. Right or wrong, Apple Jobs decided not to include support for what's called Flash in the Safari internet browser that was included with your iPad/iPhone.

Without getting super technical, up until recently most media content (audio & video) worked using software called Flash. Those little YouTube videos on the right of this article are Flash players. But like everything else, things improve and change. The latest and greatest new media player uses HTML5. It's thought that HTML5 will replace Flash at some point, but there's a modern day BETA vs. VHS debate going on that involves multiple players who don't have history of playing nice with each other; Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Understanding that VHS won the day over BETA due to mass-market acceptance, Apple Jobs choose to force the issue by removing Flash support from software that runs your Apple portable devise - but kept Flash enabled on Apple computers. That's why you can still listen using the Podcast player, when you're using your Mac Laptop.


Potential solutions for you.

  1. Install the Apple Podcast App if you haven't already. Non members can use it to subscribe to the free podcast and ICI/PRO members can use it to subscribe to their Super Secret iTunes Feed to access everything we publish. You can find a short tutorial here.
  2. Switch to a different Internet Browser - The Puffin Browser which supports Flash - NOTE: the free version only supports Flash for 14 days. The paid version is $2.99   
My iPhone running Puffin plays the Podcast just fine :)

My iPhone running Puffin plays the Podcast just fine 🙂

I've been steadily growing more and more frustrated with Apple. It seems they are getting a little too big for their britches - like the Microsoft of old. The new iTunes is a joke (it doesn't even size itself properly to fit my computer screen = I can't see the scroll bar) and don't get me started on Apple's pathetic maps app - dump it and install the Google Maps app so you're not completely lost tomorrow.

All of us PC users learned long ago that Internet Explorer is the worst browser on the planet and have switched to either Chrome or FireFox.  Explorer is the root of a common problem opening Spotify playlists on PCs. This article explains that the solution is switching to chrome or FireFox. 

I have a few iPad owners trying Puffin and will report in with their experiences ASAP.





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