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I got a question about a one week working fitness vacation.

Hi John,

I appreciate what you are trying to do with the contest but why would I want to work on vacation? How is that a real incentive?

That's a great question and it caused me give it some thought before responding.

Amy and I have heard "why would you want to work on vacation?" a lot over the past 15 years from friends and other Instructors. Depending on who's asking we tend to give two different answers:

If it's a friend who's asking (so we can be more truthful) we tell them that we could never afford to go on a similar trip if we had to pay what all the other guests at the resort were paying. These are the finest locations in the Caribbean and most All-Inclusive resorts cost $3,000 - $6,000 a week + airfare = completely out of our reach financially.

If  it's a club member (most can afford to travel anywhere and do, frequently) we typically say something to the effect of; "I'm going to work out anyway... so why not save the money?"

But even though both are accurate; we really can't afford to travel at this level and we normally work out most days we're there, there's another reason Amy and I prefer to be that week's fitness professional... it makes us special 🙂

As Instructors we are used to being special. At the club, out for dinner or at the grocery store people recognize us as someone who's different from everyone else. You have no idea how many times I've heard; "Oh honey, come here... I need to introduce you to my Aerobics Instructor, Amy.

Amy tells a very funny story about running into a club member at a resort in Jamaica. A clothing optional resort. "Oh my gosh it's Amy from Life Time and I'm completely naked!" " Honey it's Amy from the club... come and meet her!"

We also tend to be more easily connected with the other guests and more importantly the staff. We both love the Jamaican people and they tend to more open to us when they see that we are working while we are there, even if it's only for an hour or two each day.

Amy and I have meet some really interesting people, from all over the world, solely because we were the Instructors that week. Many resorts have a scheduled Power Walk each morning and you typically have the same 4-6 people each day. So you chat with them as you walk the beach or golf course - getting connected if only for the week.

They see you later that evening at dinner; "Oh Honey, meet Amy... she's my Instructor this week."





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