What's it going to be? iTunes or Spotify in the future?

What's it going to be? iTunes or Spotify in the future?

Apple's big announcement is supposed to be tomorrow - when they launch the iTunes (or whatever they decide to call it) streaming service! I can't wait to see what they're offering and learn if I'll be switching away from Spotify anytime soon.

There's a bunch of industry press asking if there is anything Apple could offer in an App, that would be an improvement over the Spotify App so many of us enjoy. Tweek this or that feature maybe, but there are many who feel Spotify has broken the code on streaming music.

Could Apple improve how we deliver music in our classes? 

Apple doesn't do "Me Too" products or services. If you'll excuse the pun here. They do Apple... or they go home 🙂 Seeing how dominate Spotify has become in streaming - the company is valued at $8 Billion - I have a hard time believing Apple would make a half hearted attempt to compete.

Then there's the pride issue here. Apple revolutionized the digital music industry back in the 2000's. They've sat on their hands while Spotify, Deezer and Pandora are taking serious bites out of Apple's revenues. My prognostication is that Apple will roll out something very cool tomorrow. I can't wait to try it, learn it and then teach everyone how to use it in their classes!



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