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It occured to me this morning that I might not do as good a job promoting what we have to offer here at ICI/PRO, as I could/should 🙁

Case in point > If you have asked me yesterday, how many IC class profiles we've published, I would have said; "a lot... but I'm not sure... let me check". And I did this morning. Turns out that there are over 150 posts tagged as Audio PROfiles - actually 159 to be exact. I'm publishing number 160 (Podcast #365 ft/ Chrispins) later today.

As of today, we've published 2,321 informative articles! Join ICI/PRO today as a PRO/Monthly Member and receive access to all of them.

My original concept for our Audio Class PROfiles was to include an audio description in the form of a Podcast of how to teach a specific class. These were published along with the written profile description/transcript and a complete music playlist.

Over the years we also published dozens of class profiles that include the written profile description and playlist, but don't include an audio description. Many ICI/PRO members have especially enjoyed Dennis Mellon's profiles which include a recording of an actual class that Dennis taught, using his published profile.

To simplify a member's search, for class profiles through our huge catalog, we've tagged them as indoorcycleinstructor.com/category/icipro-instructor-training/audio-profiles/

You can dig in further by searching more specifically;

The tag cloud in the RH sidebar includes helpful links to many different topical searches.

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