This had to be one of the most awesome "project" I've ever had the privilege to be part of 🙂

First I have to tell you that there's no way the ICI/PRO 28 challenge would have been the success that it was, without the enormous effort from Lena Hersey. She was simply incredible in her attention to detail, how she interacted with all of the participants and the truth is... there's no possible way I could have done this without having Lena as my partner!

28 days... 28 challenges. Sounds simple enough. We had 196 Instructors raise their hands and make the initial commitment (without knowing anything about what we had planned)  and on September 21st we released the first 7 challenges.

Over the next 28 days the number of Instructors who continued with the challenge dropped to 34...

In the end we had three who completed all 28 challenges: Rebecca N Rhett Buchanan ,  Natalie Nojaim and Corrine Walker Bell . Congratulations to all three of them! Based on their interaction with other participants we choose Rebecca and Natalie to be the winners of the travel vouchers from FitBodies, Inc. and we are providing Corrine with a $100 gift card for her strong showing in the contest.

Click image to explore all the resort options from our prize sponsor.

Click image to explore all the teaching vacation resort options from our prize sponsor.


Lena and I would like to interview these three on the podcast and learn what happened. We'll update everyone if/when we can get that scheduled.

So what exactly were the 28 challenges? Lena and I have written about some of them here and at leanlena.com - we're thinking we'll keep the rest of them a secret. We just might do this again!



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