Experts say that once a business or organization has completed it's third year, the potential for success goes up exponentially!

Well, today, August 2nd 2011, is the 3 year anniversary of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast and

And to think that when I started, I was concerned that we would run out of ideas for new posts or Podcasts 🙂

It all began with this post which introduced my method of organizing music in iTunes based on the concept of Training Rates.  Since then we have published an enormous amount of digital content in various forms; 167 Podcast episodes, 44 Audio PROfiles, dozens of videos and over 900 individual posts / pages. They have been viewed or downloaded a crazy number of times.

How crazy? Here are some of the numbers*

  • ~ 750,000 - The number of times the "digital" Amy has told a listener; "Hi, this is Amy, the senior Group Fitness Instructor at the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast..."
  • ~ 300,000 - Total hours spend by Instructors listening to the Podcasts
  • ~ 33,000 - Average number of downloads we deliver each month

* It wasn't until September 2009 that I began using a service that would give me accurate data on the number of downloads we deliver each month. It's also important to understand that even though we have over 160 episodes, only the last 80 are available through iTunes.

We do have very accurate data on traffic to starting from day one. These numbers are even more crazy:

  • 170,000 unique visitors came to the site
  • The made 333,647 visits (how many were yours?)
  • 16,156 of this visits were on a mobile device
  • They viewed 923,484 pages
  • 4,074 of those page views were through a dial up modem - really?
  • They're visiting from every continent on the planet (I'm still looking hear from my visitor in the Falkland Islands)
  • ICI/PRO”™s Top 100 Indoor Cycling Songs  with over 33,000 views is the absolutely most popular single page - Thanks Barbara Hoots!

I appreciate your time here with us and I'm firmly convinced that we couldn't have done this without YOU!

Here's to year #4 !


P.S. Please don't send gifts. If you want to do something special for me (and YOU) let's celebrate together  register for the conference  and I can meet you for real - or -  become a Monthly or Yearly ICI/PRO Member and we can celebrate virtually 🙂







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